Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UGH, feeling sick.

So, I caught the cold by having sex with my girlfriend while she was sick. Thats right, the common cold is an STD. So boys and girls, if your signifigant other has the snifflles, make 'em some soup to cheer em up. Don't make passionate love to them. They may appreciate it and have multiple orgasms, but the next week is gonna be hell for you.


  1. lol you probably would have caught it anyways just by being near the person.

  2. I'm sorry but... I laughed really hard at the visual in my head here.
    Also... get well soon XD

    (PS. Pregnancy is by far the worst STD)

  3. ICC's tubes are... something'd that makes them not work. So no unwanted zerglings!

  4. happened to me twice, I just never learn.